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Genegoggle offers a solution to create molecules that bind selectively in the nuclei of cancer
cells. These molecules can be used as drug transporters. The method developed by us is based
on the latest achievements of bioinformatics, VR and machine learning. Our solution will help
creating medications for precision medicine.



The Genegoggle potential can be used widely in precision medicine, molecular biology,
bioinformatics and other fields. After the first successes in molecules design which can selectively
bind in cancer cells, we want to use our method to solve other medical and biotechnological


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The method we have created allows us to model the three-dimensional DNA structure. It is based on the Hi-C experiment, which has been carried out only for several years. So far, the standard method of visualizing data from this experiment was a two-dimensional "heatmap" indicating the distances between DNA fragments. Genegoggle Epigenetic Viewer allows you to visualize the three-dimensional structure of the DNA chain in VR technology, more precisely showing the distances between DNA fragments. In addition, our tool allows you to additionally visualize data from various genetic and epigenetic experiments, including chromosomal rearrangements and DNA-protein, DNA-RNA and protein-protein interactions. It also allows for quantitative measurement of observed changes, including distance measurement and match compliance.

Genegoggle is currently in the TRL 3 phase - Experimental evidence for the validity of the concept has been carried out. We have ilustrated examples of fruit fly’s (drosophila melanogaster) DNA and confirmed hypothesis about the concept of solution. We plan to conduct laboratory tests (TRL 4) thanks to which we will be able to create physical molecules and confirm the hypothesis in practice. For this we need funding.

Technically, Genegoogle is a collection of methods and software written using AWS (planned migration to Azure), R, Unity3D and tested on: Oculus, HTC Vive and Accer MS headsets, in future also Hololens.

In the field of molecules designed by us, to our knowledge there are no methods of producing molecules that bind selectively in a given cell type using epigenetic mechanisms.

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Core team

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Jakub Mieczkowski, PhD

CEO, Co-Founder, 
Data Science, Bioinformatics


Marcin Kruczyk, PhD

Data Science, Bioinformatics


Michał Marzęcki

Data Visualization, Informatics


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