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Our technology

Epigenetic mechanisms control gene expression without affecting genetic changes. All body cells have essentially the same DNA, yet different tissues serve different functions thanks to epigenetic mechanisms. These factors control cell fate and the diverse manifestations of many diseases. Insights into epigenetic processes will lead to new therapeutic approaches. 


The vast majority of medical techniques nowadays focus on the 2% of the genome that constitutes the genes. The remaining 98% was recognized as junk DNA for a long time. However, it has been proven that this part is crucial for regulating cellular processes. Extracellular factors profoundly affect cell behaviour, stimulating the activation of the regulatory elements. We believe that so called regulatory elements should be treated with the same attention as coding regions. 


Having that in mind, at Genegoggle, we have created Genegoggle Epigenetic Viewer (GEV). The tool allows for visualization and inspects the shape of the DNA as it is packaged in the cell nucleus. The tool is sort of an epigenetic microscope enabling the 3D DNA structure analysis, identifying the epigenetic modifications, comparing various types of cells, measuring the distances between genomic regions of interest in the 3D space, and, more generally, understanding the current state of the chromatin. GEV is a prelude to novel epigenetics-based applications such as gene editing targets identifications, DNA damage inspection, for example, for space travelling purposes, selective drug activation and many others.


Healthcare is rapidly moving towards precision medicine, which allows doctors to select therapeutics based on a detailed understanding of the patient’s disease and to create personalized treatment plans. It is crucial for eliminating ineffective programs, minimizing suffering related to unintended side effects, and reducing treatment costs *. The first developed therapies that follow these intentions have already proven effective and safe. The successes have boosted the market in recent years. 


Genegoggle is a science-based company where state-of-the-art biomedical approaches meet artificial intelligence solutions to expand the current standard of care. With clear business goals and the introduction of intelligent precision medicine, our multi-disciplinary team focuses on providing diagnostic tools, identifying epigenetic targets and developing treatment solutions. 

Genegoggle develops precise therapeutics based on DNA loops

The future is now... 


Genegoggle is a precision medicine biotech company with the goal of discovering novel therapeutics and intelligent systems to improve human health by leveraging multi-dimensional genomic and epigenetic elements. 

We applied interdisciplinary expertise and multi-omic strategies to create an analytical platform for precision medicine and chronic diseases.

Our mission is to enhance the understanding of the human genome to support human health. Our personalized approach is powered by artificial intelligence. Our team gather deep expertise in epigenetics, computational biology, machine learning, software engineering and data visualization to mark new directions in medical genomics. 

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