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Molecular biology

We use genetic and epigenetic profiles to characterize particular cell types. Our team of molecular biologists and diagnosticians, design and conduct experiments such as Hi-C, ATAC-seq, CUT&Tag and bulk/single-cell RNA-seq. Our proprietary tools allow us to identify any particular cell subpopulations providing novel therapeutic targets.


Our in-house joint analysis leverages multi-omic profiles to distinguish particular cell types. The team of experienced bioinformaticians analyze the genetic, epigenetic and transcriptomic data gathered to represent the collected samples. Our innovative analysis describes chromatin’s physical properties and selects new targets for therapeutic strategies.

Be the future of precision medicine

Join a team of passionate and dedicated people. At Genegoggle, we focus on understanding the human genome and providing a platform to support human health. Every day we are creating the future of precision medicine. This is the future of medicine.

Come along on this adventure with us.

Tool development

The team that works on our tool – Genegoggle Epigenetic Viewer. Experience in software and application development, TechArt and game development results in creating a unique tool for visualising, analyzing and recognizing differences in the 3D structure of DNA. The tool which is accurate, optimized, functional and easy to use.

Supporting functions

Team of professionals responsible for finance, HR, IT and administration - an essential part of the company to keep things running smoothly and support its development.

Interested to be part of our team ?

Working at Genegoggle

At Genegoggle, we take a multidisciplinary approach to our work. We have a dynamic team culture with a shared vision focused on making a change in precision medicine and improving human health. We think outside the box and value collaboration, integrity and honesty. Science, facts and transparency are fundamental in our work. We have set ambitious goals for our company and are working every day to achieve them!

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