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As a socially responsible company with ambition to contribute to improving human health worldwide we focus on a few simple but well established and powerful rules.

Our Leadership

Jakub Mieczkowski, PhD



Data Science

Michał Marzęcki



Data Visualization


Marcin Kruczyk, PhD

Business Advisor


Data Science


Primium non nocere

First, do not harm. 

Down the road we are going to develop diagnostic tools and therapeutic methods. Regardless our passion to knowledge and science we will always put the patient’s wellbeing first. 


Hypotheses non fingo

I frame no hypothesis  

We will be planning and executing our experiments basing on the data and objective, mathematical measures only.

Isaak Newton

See it through

Not only applies to the tools we make but also to our transparency. We will communicate facts, facts only and all the facts. 

Edgar Albert Guest

Time is money

We don’t want to waste neither the time nor the money of our investors. Having in mind all the above, we will keep in check our scientific nature and we will take actions that have economic justification. 

Benjamin Franklin

Prejudice is an opinion without judgement

​In our organization there is no room for any kind of discrimination and tolerance is one of the integral elements of the company’s ethical spine cord. 


The Earth is what we all have in common

Having that in mind, whatever actions we take, we will always do it in environmentally friendly way, avoiding wasting the resources. 

Wendell Berry

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